Idea Behind Our Company

Based upon applying sound financial principles, each person in our company serves our clients so that they see us as their “trusted advisor”. Our investments are managed conservatively, supported by academic research, unbiased, independent, and proactive.

Our mission is simple: to provide personalized investment advice that helps minimizes our clients’ financial concerns and maximizes their asset protection. Our company founder Brett Machtig understands that every client has unique needs. Our role is to help you make smart and well-informed decisions about your investments while providing you greater financial independence.

While each of our clients is unique, they all have one thing in common: They want unbiased investment advice from experienced professionals. Our clients look to Capital Advisory Group, LLC to help preserve their capital and provide real growth in their portfolios after taxes and inflation. They have worked hard for their money and look to us to guide them toward financial security in retirement.


How Can We Help?

Find out how we can help you reach your financial freedom