We asked Brett to list both his successes in his life and career. Some of his successes include:

  • Learned that being a great student is a choice. I took a goal-setting seminar in 1976 and learned the importance of setting goals and taking the steps to make them happen. I learned the skills of a good student and learned to read my text-books BEFORE the semester began, so I could learn the nuances of the subject rather than the broad strokes during class. I practiced lessons of the fable, Turtle and the Hare. I thought everyone was smarter than myself, so I started sooner and worked harder and it paid off over time.
  • Got a 1970 Maserati Ghibli SS at 16, and helped bring it into the United States. It taught me about shipping laws, insurance laws, driving safety, repair costs and titling issues. I earned the money while working for my dad in the family business.
  • Did well in High School wrestling and lettered every year. I learned how to wrestle, be on and later lead a team as co-captain. Used my wrestling success to help get into Mac Murray College where I wrestled throughout my undergraduate college career. Wrestling also taught me the importance of exercise and fitness.
  • Worked on developing a device at 18 to improve IQ using circa 1970s HP medical equipment. At the time, IQ was believed to be a static thing, but I believed training could improve it. With the aid of the 8088 microprocessor, I could build the device for a fraction of the cost of the medical equipment, using 1982 Atari computer, custom software and about $150 in hardware equipment. During my four years at Mac Murray College, I developed a learning system, which was a learning device that could turn on and off a tape recorder or VCR when an individual slowed down his brain activity to an “alpha” state. I did this using a game that used biofeedback to let the person know when it was occurring.
  • In 1979, between high school and college, I got a job working for Bob Galvin, Motorola’s Chairman of the Board, taking care of their cars, airplane hangar and their aircraft. Mr. Galvin offered me his college direction roadmap while flying on his Gulfstream III, which I followed to the letter. He suggested I go to a big name school for at least part of my schooling. He suggested that if I wanted his job as CEO of Motorola, I would have to speak “accounting” as a second language. He suggested I have a micro and macro understanding of economics. And he suggested studying the management of business and other people. Without the advice, I would have become a computer analyst instead of working in the Financial Services business.
  • Flew more than a hundred hours with my father as co-pilot and soloed as an airplane pilot (1979).
  • Did summer work in massage therapy, landscaping, factory work in a bottling plant, and laundry service work for the Illinois State Mental Hospital. These part-time and summer jobs helped me pay for college and understand why I was in college in the first place…so I would be able to use my mind instead of my back.
  • Graduated from Mac Murray College Cum Laude in Business Administration, Accounting and Economics (1983).
  • Got into Duke University’s prestigious Fuqua School of Business MBA program with the IBM scholarship (1984).
  • Got a job with Prudential-Bache Securities (September 1987) with a GREAT branch manager, Brad Hudgens who believed in me.
  • Received support to write a book if I would to move to Shearson Lehman ( 1989 ). I bought my first House ( 1989 ) where I paid for it in full, debtfree.
  • Conducted a national Book Tour for my first book, Wealth in a Decade (1996)
  • Attended adverse interview training at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Then I appeared on CNN, CNBC, WGN, PBS and many other national and local TV and Radio shows (1996)
  • Started as a Fee-based Independent Private Asset Manager (1996)
  • Attended a comprehensive program taught by world-class instructors. For example, Deepak Chopra taught spirituality, Colin Powell taught leadership, Paul Zane Pilzner to Economics, Harry Dent and Dan Burris taught Future View, John Grey taught relationships, and Peter Lynch taught investment strategy.
  • Creation of a corporate process and consultation to identify and address issues robbing Fortune 500 Companies of Profit and Wealth (1998) Worked as a Corporate Consultant, with The Corporate Guide to Profit and Wealth materials, consulting to 10% of the Fortune 500 firms, Charity Groups and even the US Government. Utilized another of my books, Masters of Leverage, to aid in contract negotiation for Fortune 500 CIOs. I also drafted a strategic plan for Investors Capital Corporation (1998 – 2002).
  • Began investing in real estate. From 2000 to 2008, I invested in several other real estate properties. Owned Northwood’s Properties of Wisconsin (NWP), which owned real estate with five partners. At one point, NWP had as many as 100 properties in Minnesota, Florida and Wisconsin. After selling most of the properties by 2005, NWP donated its remaining cabin, golf, lake and wooded lots worth about $425,000 to a Christian School in southern Minnesota for the construction of a dormitory (2005).
  • Spent time developing a program and curriculum for the University of Tennessee to help today’s youth make good financial and life decisions to stay out of debt and generate wealth. As a result I worked with CNN on a program on college bankruptcy. I am currently working on a book with Dr. Henry Parker and Josh Gronholz to bring this information to a national audience of youth. (1997– 2014)
  • Was fortunate enough to meet and marry Nikki and enjoy every day we have together.
  • Everyday I strive to make a positive difference in my children’s lives. (1992 – present). Take my kids Jonathan, Abby, and Ashley on week-long, oneon-one trips.The original purpose of a father figure was to help children find their life’s direction or purpose. Through these trips, I hope to provide experiences for my children that will allow them to find their paths. At 11 years old, Abby is teaching Karate, Ashley at 14 is already looking at colleges, and Jonathan at 23 is developing his 10 year career plan in music.
  • Have been one of the Investors Capital Top Advisors (Pinnacle and Diamond Awards (2004 – 2014)
  • Work with a wonderful team. Lois Reuter, Josh Gronholz, Dave Denniston, Roger Anderson and many others support one another. Lois is in charge of making sure work is fun. (2002 – 2014)
  • Being Honorary Commander of Eglin Air Force Base. From 2009 to 2011, I have been involved in the roll out of the F35 Joint Strike Fighter in the world’s largest training facility for the U.S. and our many allied nations. One highlight of the experience was being able to take my father to the now classified training facility before he passed away. (2009 – 2011)
  • Member of the National Securities Forum 2011 Air / War College Maxwell AFB (2011). The purpose of the program was to get non-military perspectives on the threats that face our nation. The program has been in place since World War II and involves working with our military and closest allies, dealing with threats as significant as Iran’s nuclear program to Congress attempting to purchase the nation’s endearment with our own money.
  • Part of National Securities Alumni Special Committee, Cheyenne Mountain, CO (2012) which dealt specifically with our military space program and with the financial dangers that face our Nation as a result of excessive Congressional spending.
  • Founding Partner of the The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services, LLC. which quietly manages $361 million for 83 institutions and 850 families.(Dec 2014) Our award-winning private asset management team helps retirees, business owners and professionals with financial planning, asset management, tax/risk management, and estate planning. Our 401(k) Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services team provides independent advisory services for retirement plans and pensions. We are trusted, competent and available. We have assembled a team of accountants, 401(k) specialists, business valuation consultants, attorneys, insurance specialists and, investment professionals to handle virtually every aspect of a person’s wealth creation, planning and maintenance.
  • Highlighted as an Advisor with strong client relationships in Allianz Life’s 2014 National Advertising Campaign. Allianz is one of the largest Insurance companies in the world (2014)
  • Helped make a difference in my client’s lives for 30 years (1984 – 2014). By using the life experiences of each and every client over my career, I try to help my current clients avoid the expensive lessons of the School of Hard Knocks. Rather, I hope they learn from their team and from the experience of others.

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