Before we begin developing your investment strategy, we take a hard look at where you are today. We assess your investment goals, available resources, desired rate of return and risk tolerance. This research allows us to customize a plan to fit your specific needs. Then we develop a unique Investment Policy statement – a blueprint that addresses your specific risk versus return concerns.

Once that blueprint is in place, we provide personalized investment advice. We allocate investment funds into different asset classes based on your level of risk tolerance and goals. We believe that asset allocation is responsible for more than 90 percent of the variations in portfolio performance – so choosing the right asset allocation for you is our top priority. But our interest in your success doesn’t stop there:

  • We carefully monitor your progress, providing you with regular consolidated statements and reports that summarize your activity and compare it to your goals.
  • We make periodic adjustments to re-balance your portfolio, ensuring that our strategies stay on track with your needs.

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