“You’ve worked so hard and saved for so long. There’s plenty for retirement, right?”
401k Capital Advisory

The fact is Americans are living much longer than they were 50 years ago. Your retirement may need to last 20-30 years after you stop working. The Capital Advisory Group has the tools to help you plan your retirement. They can help you know what you’ll need to make it through the long run.

The 401k Capital Advisory Difference


We understand that offering a competitive and truly beneficial retirement plan for employees is vital to a company’s ability to retain valuable talent. Our goal at 401K Capital Advisory is to help you establish Fiduciary Best Practices to better serve you and your employees.



Our educational program provides financial training for each stage of life that employees may face in their exploration working years, accumulation-wealth-building, preservation-protecting assets, and disposition-income and legacy planning.

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We do not manufacture publicly sold products as do large investment firms or insurance providers. We offer an unbiased investment selection process and disclose fees through our Registered Investment Advisor Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services.

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Workers deserve investment advice regarding their employer-sponsored retirement plan that is independent and free from conflicts of interest. Learn about the 401k Fair Disclosure and Pension Security Act.

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The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services is a national team of qualified retirement plan and wealth management specialists providing an integrated approach to retirement plan management unparalleled in the industry. Our innovative service model is designed to deliver leading edge plan designs with low cost investments and superior management systems to enable plan sponsors to achieve the highest fiduciary standards. In addition to fiduciary best practices, the The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services provides services to assist plan sponsors with ERISA compliance, investment strategy and employee education for their retirement plans.

At the core of the The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services philosophy is the belief that lower investment expenses will likely result in better long term investment returns and more retirement savings for plan participants. For this reason, we offer an unbiased, fee based approach to investment selection and tend to prefer low cost institutional funds and ETF’s vs. higher priced, commission based mutual funds. We use a strict investment screening process that looks at the entire universe of Mutual Funds and ETF’s to determine which of the 27,000 plus choices can meet our high standards for performance, low cost and fiduciary excellence. Generally less than 5% of that universe will be acceptable!

The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services provides “Co-Fiduciary” services as defined under ERISA Sect. 3(21)(a)(ii) to our clients to relieve them of some of the burdens placed on them to comply with ERISA and IRS regulations. Our own internal investment committee headed by a Certified Financial Analyst, carefully studies investment options, portfolio strategies and market trends to deliver quality advice to our plan sponsors and their participants. We offer employers the option of a Fiduciary Investment Advisor service for their plan participants at no additional cost.

Our goal at The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services is to help you build a better 401k plan by establishing Fiduciary Best Practices through ongoing fiduciary analytics and assessments, research based investment advisory services, periodic investment monitoring, fee transparency and employee education systems. “It’s a whole new way to look at 401k!”

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